No Loitering (57 min)
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Finding a place in the world
"No Loitering takes kids' voices seriously without romanticizing them, and it offers up a powerful commentary on the need to make young people a priority."
Henry Girioux, Professor of Secondary Education, Penn State University

"A film about the kids teachers hate to have in the classroom. A film teachers need to see."

Cathy Poulson, High School English Teacher, Sitka, Alaska

"No Loitering includes seemingly contradictory themes (does this community care about its kids, or not? Are Native and white youth well integrated, or is there discrimination?) without imposing a heavy-handed conclusion. The answer is not simple."

Mike Males, Sociologist and Author, "The Scapegoat Generation"

PBS Broadcast
Northwest Network on Youth Conference
Alaska Juvenile Justice Advisory Board Meetings
Council on Foundations Film & Video Festival
Western Psychological Association Convention