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Wednesday, May 4th

Passing through Iowa & Illinois
fedemptyfallow (55k image)

05.04.11 @ 09:56PST Monday, May 2nd

Missed the bus, but hear the news.
I dream that I am left behind, on a field trip.
I am looking for the rain cover for a video camera. I can not find it.
There is no written schedule, just a woman who herds us and tells us we must get on the bus, or some large SUV like wagon. I am not sure of what is going on or why in fact I am there.

Wake up, hot, under covers between an outstretched cat and a husband radiating warmth. It is 3:25 am.

Last night he came home from the video store, empty handed because they did not have the correct episode of the Sopranos and told me he heard on the radio that "they got Osama bin Laden."

Within days of Prince William and Kate's royal wedding?
Immediately, I wonder what does it mean? How does this act bring peace and stability? Does it stop terrorism? How much power did Osama bin Laden have in hiding? I look for news and reactions on the Internet. First hit: fans at a Phillies game cheer Osama's death.

Can evil or bad acts be cured? Couldn't this also fan terrorism or other acts of violence like blowing on embers? I read Obama and staff have been in the situation room a lot in the days leading to the raid that killed Osama. Win a peace prize and encourage assassination? It is good to get rid of bad, but I get images of Westerns with cowboys and Indians and 8th graders making videos with fingers in the place of guns, as I work with them under funding to stop violence and bullying.

Am I not a good player, a good teammate because I am too puzzled to cheer?

05.02.11 @ 14:30PST