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Ellen FrankensteinUncertain Passage
A true story that de-romanticizes the dream of sailing around the world with cockroaches, seasickness, blown-out sails and an uncertainty that landfall is attainable. The video revolves around two people, alone on a 30 foot gaff-rigged Tahiti Ketch starting in Tonga and ending off the coast of New Zealand, 27 days later.
Ellen FrankensteinStuck on Sugar
300 years ago, sugar came to Barbados; now, soil is eroded, landowners are in debt, efforts to diversify seem futile, and workers associate farming with slavery. Stuck on Sugar is a case study of the legacies of a plantation economy and the struggle to establish self-sufficient agriculture in a world without financial borders.
Ellen FrankensteinDemolished
Creating something new is an accomplishment. What about tearing it down? Take a look at the forty-year-old housing projectacross from the filmmaker's house as men in white suits remove asbestos, an excavator crunches beams, and bits of insulation dance through the air, making room for new houses.