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09/11/2005: "September 11th and Daily Routines"

It is the fourth anniversary of 9-11. National Public Radio reminds me of the date and the mourners as soon as my eyes open. The stories of Hurricane Katrina survivors continue to be told. With the stories come the questions about responsibility for the way the crisis has been dealt with and the lack of preparation for this disaster. On the other hand, the voices, coming out of the old dented radio--the same one I listened to living in the Los Angeles during the riots and a few earthquakes, announce there may be fewer deaths in New Orleans than anticipated. Some people have been given their $2000 checks to restart their lives with, or at least get some food and shelter on their own. I listen and wonder of course, about what difference we, I, whoever, can make as individuals in the midst of what sometimes seems like non-stop chaos. I think about this and then go back to my routine, pick up the phone to check in with my mother recovering from her broken hip, put a load of laundry in the washing machine and make a list of things to accomplish during the day.